La Santa is music,
and it's totally free!

As is the case every year, La Santa will host over a hundred free musical performances for all tastes, which will take place every day at different times on the eight different stages throughout the site, with established artists and new talents.


We are working on the 2023 schedule.
You will soon be able to find out the dates and times
of our concerts.

La Santa Music
La Santa Music
La Santa Music
La Santa Music
Escenario Big Las Palmeras En La Santa

Big Las Palmeras Stage

The stage in the most special corner of La Santa: Las Palmeras. Set in an original Arab hayma, according to some of the artists who have played it, this is the most beautiful stage they have had the pleasure of playing.


Las Palmeras Stage

Las Palmeras has a second stage for its restaurant and chill-out area. It is designed to present artists in keeping with the beautiful space surrounding this stage.

Escenario La Santa Central

La Santa Central Stage

The main stage, located in the exact centre and core of La Santa. Surrounded by tables, it is the ideal place to sit and see the surprises and musical performances that await you this year.

Moritz Stage

Moritz invites you to relish the performances on its delightful terrace, which will liven up your summer afternoons while sipping on a fresh beer.


Palawan Stage

The Palawan Stage is a dreamlike idyllic setting surrounded by vegetation, where you can experience unforgettable moments while savouring a fresh mojito. The most beautiful setting to sit and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the Costa Brava.

Vilarnau Stage

Vilarnau invites you to experience unique concerts. If you are thinking about a plan to enjoy the good atmosphere at La Santa with a group of friends or as a couple, this is your space. Good vibes and very intimate performances.

Legendario Stage

At the Legendario Stage you can enjoy the most Latin afternoons/nights. This stage mainly hosts the best Cuban rhythms, where your Legendario moments will make an unforgettable lasting impression.

Boho - MG Stage

Under the light of the iconic pyramid in the Boho area of La Santa you can find the most roguish and cross-cutting market stage to host the latest young trends and the wildest sessions by renowned Catalan DJs.
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