This year, La Santa expects to exceed 2021’s figure of 160,000 visitors

La Santa is approaching 2022’s festival with more enthusiasm than ever before and with the aim of exceeding the figures for the summer of 2021, when it achieved a record attendance of a total of 160,000 visitors (72% of them from Spain) and global growth of 60% compared to the 2020 season. The whole team that makes La Santa possible is not hiding its optimism towards the upcoming season, given that there are more parking spaces, more music, a greater offering of restaurants, heaps of new features and endless free activities for all audiences.

“We are delighted not only with the loyalty of a public that gives us its unconditional support year after year, but also with the exemplary behaviour of all those who make La Santa possible at all levels. This goes for the attending public as well as the team, given that we have again ended without any incident, and we have consolidated our position as a safe and responsible outdoor leisure proposal on the Costa Brava,” explains the CEO of La Santa, Julio Rico, with regard to the exemplary conduct of the attendees in relation to the restrictions of the past two years.