La Santa,
a unique setting

La Santa is a unique, versatile and carefully designed setting, making it the ideal place for private events for all kinds of audiences.

During La Santa (from 16/07 to 29/08 in 2021 and from 15/07 to 28/08 in 2022) our space provides the opportunity to organise private events, parties, company presentations, teambuildings, birthdays and the like, giving you the option to access reserved and intimate spaces while enjoying the La Santa experience in its full splendour.

Events of different sizes and needs can be held at our wide variety of spaces.

We offer our services for events from the point where you need it. These range from the rental of space to the production of the whole event, to catering, music production, decoration, etc. if required.

Other Events
and Projects

Outside the period in which La Santa runs (from 16/07 to 29/08 in 2021 and from 15/07 to 28/08 in 2022), the Santa Cristina Horse Club is a unique space for organising any type of event, regardless of the size or capacity required.

A total of 50,000 m2 with capacity for 6,800 people and more than 1,000 parking spaces in an idyllic setting. This makes it a location equipped with all services and licences, suitable for organising any event, music festivals, markets, weddings, presentations, film locations, gatherings, exhibitions and even birthdays. It is a space that can be scaled and reduced according to your needs. Apart from projects carried out in situ, the organisation offers outsourcing services to implement public and private projects, making the most of our resources, know-how and experience.


La Santa boasts an ideal space to hold an event with the benchmark of having been the organisers of the 2020 national summer event, attracting the largest audience in Spain. 120,000 attendees in a year marked by the COVID-19 measures.


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