A perfect day out with the family!

Family activities take place from Monday to Sunday at La Santa, the ideal setting for starting the day with an ice cream, before taking up a makeup workshop, a pony ride or driving one of the Race Circuit’s electric cars. After a stop to recharge your energy with a good burger, a crêpe or a Frankfurter, besides many other offerings, there is nothing better than exploring an adventure park or riding a vintage All of this takes place in a joyous festive atmosphere, surrounded by live music performed on the seven stages of La Santa. If you like, you can enjoy this experience with another member of the family: your pet.
Because La Santa is also a pet-friendly!

Check out our schedule to find out the dates, times and prices of our activities.

We are working on the agenda 2023.

La Santa Market que hacer con niños
La Santa Market que hacer con niños
Talleres infantiles Fontvella en La Santa
The workshops you can find in Fontvella area are ideal for the littlest ones. Every day you will find a different workshop where children can learn by playing and develop their creativity. Fontvella is managed by education professionals with whom you can leave your children to take a leisurely stroll through La Santa, while they have an amazing time with original and surprising activities.   Ages: 2 years and up

The littlest ones will discover the motor world while driving these original electric cars. They feature exact replicas of cars driven by their parents at a scale and speed that are adapted to suit their age, always under the highest safety measures. Coordinated by monitors. So much fun!

Ages: from 3 to 8 years old.

Pony Club La Santa Actividad Infantil

This year our Pony Club is growing, with new tracks, more monitors and a space for taking care of our Shetland ponies.

Children can take a ride on the back of these beautiful animals and meet other children during the activity. It will be such a fun time!

Ages: from 3 to 9 years old.

laser combat niños la santa actividad

An activity to enjoy with friends or family. Eliminate your adversaries in the small field of combat featuring obstacles to hide.

Participants are equipped with harmless laser guns and a headband with sensors.

Ages: Children and adults.


Discover a broad array of temporary tattoos, designs, sizes and colours. Our tattoos are spontaneous, daring, racy, badass, for kids, colourful or black… We have many models for all tastes and ages.

We use custom-made vinyl templates for all our tattoos. Our vinyls are single-use, and we apply special inks for sensitive (hypoallergenic) skin. All materials used are high quality. Come and enjoy them… we would love to attend to you!

Ages: for all ages.

Enjoy a circuit through the trees with zip lines, bridges, nets, balancing obstacles in a space for playing in the heart of nature.

Ages: Children and adults.



The littlest ones will discover the motor world while driving these original electric motorcycles. They feature exact replicas of motorbikes driven by their parents at a scale and speed that are adapted to suit their age, always under the highest safety measures. Coordinated by monitors.

Ages: from 2 to 6 years old.

Do you know that La Santa is the summer residence
of Tooth Fairy?
The best friend of the kids has set up his summer home in
La Santa.
Search and find this beautiful house with all the details!

Ages: for all audiences.

An axe, a target and a mind-blowing experience!

In their free time, lumberjacks from the mountains of the USA and Canada began to play among themselves to see who had the most skill and the best aim.

This is the origin of the AXE throwing, which over time has been transformed into an urban sport.

At AXESTRAL we offer you the chance to experience this activity with our instructors who will teach you and give you safety instructions so that you can make the most of it!

Different games to disconnect from the world through skill and aim, having an amazing time alone or in company.

Ages: Adults or children over 12 years old accompanied by an adult.

The Aeroclub Estartit brings one of its new helicopters to La Santa, where you can climb up and take photos, but this is not all! You have the chance to become a true pilot with their flight simulator.

This year, come and fly at La Santa Market!

Ages: Adults and children from 12 years of age and older.

Yoga en Familia La Santa

Practicar yoga en familia tiene múltiples beneficios tanto a nivel individual como colectivo, refuerza lazos, y nos ayuda a percibir el mundo de otra forma, con ejercicios y juegos para aprender juntos a respirar, a concentrarnos, a meditar, a crear, a relajarnos, etc.

Edades: para todos los públicos.


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