An oasis of creation, leisure &
gastronomy in the heart
of the Costa Brava

La Santa is chic, foodie, for families, wildly glamorous,
nocturnal and great fun. It’s fun, crazy, cheerful, trendy…
It’s the perfect meeting point for summer in
the Costa Brava, a magical place where things happen every day.

La Santa is an icon of summer, the event to kick off a summer full of surprises, leisure and fun… 1,2,3. La Santa lights up the summer!

From 7/07 to 27/08

Monday to Sunday from 6pm to 1am.
Gourmet cuisine, aperitifs, drinks, vermouths… delicacies for all tastes and sensitivities. La Santa is committed to gastronomic excellence and to offering a broad range of flavours. La Santa also has fourteen independent terraces livened up with seven stages to enjoy summer afternoons in the best company.
True to its commitment to supporting local culture, creativity and crafts, La Santa always commits to a broad range of cultural activities, boasting over 100 free shows and a range of activities for children and adults. Children’s activities, small concerts, workshops, leisure, crafts and fashion await you. La Santa also hosts New Talent, a cycle that seeks to foster new emerging talent in Catalonia.

La Santa is a unique place, brimming with charm that marks the before and after of summer nights on the Costa Brava. A place with soul, for everyone. The meeting point of the summer in one of the prettiest corners of Catalonia.

Are you excited for La Santa?

La Santa is also committed and social. It loves animals and cares for its environment most importantly. A strong conviction of service drives us to conduct various actions to generate collaborations and support that result in social, environmental and artistic changes that contribute to improving things.

La Santa comprometida con el medio ambiente
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